the records of e-government are taken electronically via the system. However, the e-government system, candidates who register through the Register of the notary public personally or through a proxy they will give power of attorney.

1. Before leavers and graduates from any institution of higher education is awarded to candidates who the academic institution, including the original or copy of recent diploma graduation certificate he received from.

2. Secondary education of tuition fees 1.installments from any branch of vakıflar bank, Vakiflar Bankasi Diyarbakir deposited into the bank account that the bank statement Feb, (Feb Vakiflar Bankasi on the campus of our university. However, recording can be stacked in the bank's branches in Diyarbakir, in the days of the foundations, because the foundations and fees students ID number from one of the bank's branches in the area of the deposit will be of benefit to save time. Those who bet on the tuition fees they are required to use their bank branches with EFT and not necessarily of the foundations.)

3. Male students register in the College of mind in terms of whether you do military service by the University “public applications from the center” where the mind is located only in military terms to be queried and president of the military about mentions to be taken as Feb “Military Ilisiksiz Document” you will be asked to. In military terms the mind is located where specified and the names of the candidates they desired to go to the draft board it will be published on our internet page.