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Type of Education:    Formal Education


The Child Development program was established to meet the need for education and counselling to help children live in a healthy environment. The most important objective of the Child Development Program is to provide a training service aimed at providing life skills with modern teaching methods in accordance with the requirements of the information age and business life with the principle of lifelong education. The Child Development Program aims to educate people who will provide training for children in preschool education institutions, private education institutions, and those undergoing a treatment at pediatric clinics. The aim of the program is to train intermediate staff for all units that provide services to the child, family and society in this area with the education program supporting the development of children with normal development and special needs.

Degree:       Associate Degree

Graduation Requirements

In order to successfully complete all 120 ECTS courses, it is necessary to obtain at least 60 out of 100 GPA.

Graduate Employment Opportunities

Graduates can work in the following areas: in special education and rehabilitation centres; private and public kindergartens; as administrators, teachers, assistant teachers and qualified instructors in kindergartens affiliated to the Ministry of National Education; in Maternal and Child Health Centres, as a foster mother in inpatient treatment institutions and social services; as a designer in children's publications and toys sectors; at the Prime Ministry Family Research Institution, in the Administration of Disabled People, in the State Planning Organization; in kindergartens within Social Services and Child Protection Agency; in the centres for family consulting and orphanages; the Ministry of Health Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Centres and hospitals , in children's hospitals and hospital schools; at juvenile courts and reformatories of the Ministry of Justice; in preparing and conducting child and youth programs and educational programs onradio and television; at children's theatres and children's films; in preparing books, magazines and newspapers for children in child development studies. 

Program Profile

The duration of associate degree for this program is 2 years. The language of instruction is Turkish.

Academic Staff

Lecturer Halime SELOĞLU      Head of Program

Lecturer. Yekta YARAY