Dicle University, Diyarbakir Medical Faculty of Ankara University in 1966 as a part of the opening of the first foundations laid in 1973, with the opening of the establishment, it has completed the Faculty of science. in 1982 the name was changed to the University of Dicle University of Diyarbakir. 





565.000 square metres, a covered area of Dicle University campus has open 19.708.000. On the main campus of Dicle University With 15 Faculties, 4 Institutes, 5 Colleges, 7 vocational schools and application and Research Center 31; Silvan, Ergani, Bismil, Cungus vocational schools in Hot Spring County 5 and under 75 with these units associate degree program, 96 undergraduate program, 120 graduate programs, 40 doctoral programs.


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State University






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to our university for students from outside the province opportunities both on and off campus housing in dormitories belonging to the credit and dormitories institution are provided.


Selahattin Eyyubi sorority

sorority Ziya Gökalp

Suleyman bin Khalid sorority

Mehmet Akif Male student residence

Khalid Bin Walid Early student residence


Campus facilities

Dicle University, all academic students and  powerful computing infrastructure, personnel, modern research laboratories, library, Student Life Centre, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and service facilities. In addition to these, the academic calendar within national and international social, cultural and scientific activities are conducted effectively. Dicle University short-term student exchange programmes, Erasmus+ and Mevlana exchange programme in terms of one of the most active universities in the region.


contact information

Address: Dicle University, 21280 DIYARBAKIR

the rector Plant Tlf.: +90 412 241 10 00

Central Student Affairs Tlf.: +90 412 241 10 100

Fax: +90 412 248 82 16