Internationalization Policy


universities and nationally in the world of competitive, innovative and productive internationalisation policies in a structure occupies an important place. A strong physical infrastructure, the potential for students and young academics, the region's oldest university, and with the historical mission, Dicle University, internationalization in the way of using the most effective methods and tools are on the way. Erasmus+ and Mevlana exchange programs, External Relations Office, University of Dicle, successful, 2016 to make radical changes in internationalization policies since he went. As can be seen in the Strategy 2020 document, Dicle University cooperation programme with countries of the European Union with partner countries outside the EU only has implemented several of these collaborations and aims to develop by the year 2020. In this context, the industrialized countries of the Far East, where the Arab countries and North Africa and our strong historical ties available origin that forms the heart of our union with the countries of Central Asia long-and short-term student and faculty exchange, joint projects, conferences and seminars new policy constitutes one of the most important parts of our vision Editing. Dicle University, as a requirement from 2020 onwards new policy of quality in previous years, successfully implemented in a more effective manner international staff week by performing universities aims to bring together academics and our world more and more students every year.

the field of internationalization in our university having strong Representatives on the one hand, strengthen the relationship in the coming years, it also will prepare the ground for joint projects that can be performed. One of the major policy changes that stand out in the 2020 strategy document, Dicle University, are working against neighboring countries. Especially Iraq, Iran, Qatar, and Jordan strengthen our relationships with academic universities in the University of Dicle students of these countries for undergraduate, graduate and exchange programs as part of will be among the priority targets to become the center of attraction. Our quality policy is an important part of Erasmus+ offices. Erasmus+ student exchange in the framework of an increase in our joint projects at our university, academics from Turkey's elite universities, especially in Europe and diversify their knowledge and experience, to share with our students and academics of our priorities will come at the beginning. In this context, we prepared promotional materials by sharing them with effective academics Erasmus+ training of our staff to give and receive in the framework of Dicle University will be provided to ensure that promote its influence in Europe.