Theory of Functions and Functional Analysis

Name Research Areas Email Extension Yök Academic Search OrcID
Prof. Dr. H. Özlem GÜNEY Mathematical Analysis 3144 0000-0002-3010-7795
Prof. Dr. Sevtap SÜMER EKER Mathematical Analysis 3190 0000-0002-2573-0726
Prof. Dr. Bilal ÇEKİÇ Mathematical Analysis 3149 0000-0002-6408-0455
Prof. Dr. Bilal ŞEKER Mathematical Analysis 3029 0000-0003-1777-8145
Assoc. Prof. Dr. S. Öykü YURTTAŞ Topology, Dynamical Systems 3004 0000-0002-0262-1914
Lecturer Hacer YILDIRIR Applied Mathematics 3189 0000-0003-3327-0552