Instructional Objectives

Instructional Objectives of the Program

The instructional objectives of our program are as follows:

  • To equip students with skills in mathematical thinking, reasoning, questioning, analyzing, and generating solutions.
  • To teach fundamental concepts of modern mathematics across various subfields.
  • To enhance the ability to apply mathematics in solving real-life, multi-disciplinary problems.
  • To develop skills in abstract thinking, prediction of problems, scientific problem-solving, and the ability to approach problems from different perspectives within the realm of mathematics.
  • To ensure that students possess the awareness of lifelong learning and are capable of updating their theoretical and applied knowledge in accordance with contemporary conditions.
  • To cultivate mathematicians who can meet and create software-related demands through various computer courses.
  • To support students in acquiring advanced theoretical knowledge in mathematical science and developing the necessary foreign language proficiency required for this field.
  • To instill awareness of adhering to professional and ethical principles among students.