Organic Agriculture

Organic Agriculture

As a result of certain factors that are applied in agriculture worldwide as well as in our country (such as hormone applications, use of chemical drugs or non-organic fertilizers, etc.), people have become more conscious and sensitive from the production to consumption of agricultural products, which are at the forefront of food raw materials.

The duration of education in our Vocational School's Organic Agriculture program is two years, and it has been providing education since the 2007-2008 academic year. The Organic Agriculture program will continue its education with an annual quota of 30 students, and upon completion of the two-year education based on theory and practice, graduates will be awarded the title of "Organic Agriculture Technician". If our graduates wish, they also have the opportunity to continue their education at the undergraduate level (such as Agricultural Engineering) by participating in the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS) and being successful.

Bismil Vocational School conducts its educational activities on its own campus located in Obalı village, which is 2 km away from the center of Bismil district and 50 km away from Diyarbakır. The campus has an indoor area of 2500m², an outdoor area of 40,000m², and 500,000m² of agricultural land. There are regular minibus services from the district garage. The lunch needs are met at the school cafeteria in exchange for meal tickets.

Currently, the Organic Agriculture Program is taught at the associate degree level by one instructor and two lecturers.

Academic Staff

  • Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Salih SAYAR (Department Chair)
  • Lecturer Berna TURGAY
  • Lecturer Medine TEKİN