Gas and plumbing

Natural Gas and Installation

The purpose of the Natural Gas Heating and Plumbing Program is to meet the technical needs of the natural gas sector which is rapidly expanding in our country and will take its place in Diyarbakir and the surrounding provinces with high potential in the near future. Program, Vocational and Technical Secondary Education Institutions Plumbing, Plumbing-Heating-Heating-Cooling, Air-Conditioning, Plumbing Technology, Plumbing Technology (heating and natural gas), Plumbing Technology (heating and plumbing), Plumbing Technology (heating and plumbing) , Plumbing Technology (heating-natural gas internal plumbing), Plumbing Technology (heating-natural gas network plumbing), Plumbing Technology (heating-natural gas burner devices maintenance and repair) graduates without examination, other high school graduates can settle with OSS numerical-1 score. Our program has 30 quota. During the two-year training, theoretical and practical training is provided in the fields of Natural Gas Installation, Heating Installation, Ventilation and Sanitary Installation. At the end of this period, our students will have the opportunity to work as a technical intermediate in the natural gas sector with the title of Natural Gas Technician, and have the opportunity to continue their education at the undergraduate level by settling in Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing Teacher and Energy Teacher departments provided that they get enough points from DGS. In the Gas and Plumbing Technology Program, two faculty members are still teaching at the associate degree level.