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Agricultural machinery

In the information age, the need for qualified manpower is needed for the development of agriculture in parallel with industry. For this purpose, vocational colleges have been opened in many of our universities. At the beginning of the 1990s, our university made initiatives to open schools in order to meet the need for technical personnel to be born upon the completion of the GAP Project in our region and as a result of these initiatives, in 1993-1994, Bismil Vocational School of Agriculture It began.-There is a machine shop, thermal motor laboratory and computer laboratory in our school. All classes are air conditioned. Most of our courses are held in classrooms equipped with projection devices. We also have an Agricultural Machinery and Machinery park for applications. There are currently 2 faculty members and 7 faculty members in our school. Purpose of the Agricultural Tools and Machinery Program: Increase human labour productivity in agricultural production and reduce production cost. Education and training is given at the associate degree level with two instructors in the use, manufacture, development and maintenance of agricultural machinery. Interests: soil tillage tools and machines, sowing-planting and fertilizing machines, irrigation machines, plant protection machines, harvesting and threshing machines, product processing tools and machines, agricultural electrification, operation and planning of agricultural machinery, natural energy sources, mechanization in animal husbandry, agricultural machinery design, research on environmentally friendly alternative energy sources.