Tasks and Responsibilities


  • To carry out graduation, identity, scholarship, and monitoring of graduates,
  • To fulfill other similar duties to be assigned,
  • To do the necessary work related to new enrollment, admission and course status of students,

Within this framework: The Directorate of Student Affairs, which carries out its activities with the central automation system, generally;

  • Preparing the Academic Calendar draft for each academic year and submitting it to the University Senate and distributing the accepted Academic Calendar,
  • Examination of the proposal files for opening a Unit, Department and Program, and sending them to the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education after the approval of the Senate,
  • Entering the opened units, departments and programs into the automation system,
  • Entering the students placed in our University by ÖSYM into the automation system and making registration preparations,
  • Entering additional quota, Vertical Transfer, Horizontal Transfer students into the system and registering them,
  • Preparations for registration renewal and distance education registration procedures,
  • Preparation of Student Contribution and Tuition Fees determined by the Council of Ministers on a student basis,
  • Making password transactions for enrolled students,
  • Making course registrations of students and correcting registration errors in the system,
  • Elimination of errors in grade entries and correction of material errors in the system,
  • Notification of registration suspension and disciplinary penalty procedures to the relevant institutions and entering them into the system,
  • Examination of graduation decisions and preparation of Diplomas and Diploma Substitute Documents,
  • Preparation of Diploma Supplement Documents for students who request them
  • Providing student certificates and transcripts to students,
  • Conducting summer school activities and sending the grades of students taking courses from other universities to the relevant universities at the end of the summer school,
  • Working on Regulations, Directives and Implementation Principles,
  • Conducting Student Council representative elections,
  • Work and transactions such as correspondence with YÖK, ÖSYM, Governorship, KYK and other institutions and organizations and units of our university related to education and students are carried out.