Vocational School of Justice was opened in the 2012-2013 academic year with the decision of Council of Higher Education dated 09.02.2012 and numbered B.30.0.EÖB-101.02.05-1426 and the decision of Dicle University Senate dated 21.03.2012 and numbered 2012 / 4-5. Every year, a total of 200 students are admitted to our vocational school; 100 for Normal Formal Education and 100 for Secondary (Evening) Education. Although our vocational school started its educational activities in 2012, it got the highest average score among the Vocational Schools of Justice in our country in the 2014 DGS (External Transfer) Exam.


In our school, branch courses are given by 3 lecturers and faculty members of the Faculty of Law and administrative affairs and auxiliary services are carried out by the Vocational School Secretary, 3 clerks and 1 secretary, and 1 member of temporary staff.

There is no doubt that qualified judicial staff will directly contribute to the smooth, quality and fast functioning of justice services. Our main goal is to educate individuals who have general legal knowledge, research, scrutinize, who have multi-faceted thinking, vision, and finally have assimilated the principles of “Justice delayed is justice denied” and “Justice is the foundation of the state”.