Quality Policy

FEAS, having commenced education in the academic year 2008-2009 by admitting students to Economy and Management departments, currently encompasses a total of 10 Bachelor’s programs including Economy, Management, Political Science and Public Management, Healthcare Management, Finance, Tourism Management, Social Service, International Affairs, Econometrics, and International Trade and Logistics. Of these, Economy, Management, Political Science and Public Management, Healthcare Management, and International Trade and Logistics are active, with a total of 1,787 enrolled students (as of 2017).

In addition to Bachelor’s programs, graduate programs are also available at FEAS, with a total number of 400 enrolled students (as of 2017): Economy, Management (M.A. and PhD); Political Science and Public Management (M.A.). Additionally, the non-thesis M.A. option is also available at the Department of Management and there are ongoing attempts to initiate an M.A. program in the Department of Healthcare Management.

Physical structure of FEAS

FEAS consists of 4 sections including Administration, Classrooms, Lecture Halls, and Teaching Staff.

FEAS embraces 4 lecture halls, 18 classrooms, 1 computer lab, 1 180-seat conference hall equipped with latest-technology sound and lighting systems, 1 meeting hall, and 1 library.

Within the faculty area, there are 1 front yard, 1 courtyard, and 1 large car park open to students’ use. Additionally, there are numerous student clubs established by our students that organize various activities throughout the year.

FEAS also has an academic journal initiated in 2011, which appears in international indices.