The Graduate School of Health Sciences in Dicle University was established on 10 January 1983. The aim of the Graduate School is to conduct Graduate Education in Health Sciences at Dicle University in accordance with the aims and principles of Higher Education Law No. 2547.

          The above-mentioned organization regulation. according to the paragraph (c) article of Article 5, the Departments of Medical Faculty, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Department of Physical Education and Sports School are the Departments of Graduate School of Health Sciences.


         Within the Graduate School of Health Sciences, there are a total of 30 Graduate Programs, including 15 programs affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, 6 with the Faculty of Dentistry, 6 with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 2 with the Faculty of Pharmacy, 2 with the School of Physical Education and Sports, 1 with the Distance Education of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and a Master’s Program of Language and Speech Therapy which was opened within the scope of our Graduate School.

         Between February 1983 and March 2018, a total of 332 PhD students, 142 students of Thesis Master’s Programs and 120 students of Non-Thesis Programs graduated from our Graduate School.

         Currently, a total of 395 students, including 215 PhD, 133 Thesis Master's and 47 Non-thesis Master’s programs, continue their graduate studies in our Graduate School.



- In the light of universal and cultural values, our mission is to train professionals respectful to human rights and lifelong learning, teaching and communication skills, competent in professional and scientific fields and also able to produce services by taking advantage of the information technologies of 21st century,

-  Conduct health-related multidisciplinary studies,

-  Conduct graduate studies and research,

- Provide the services and technology to be produced for the benefit of the community,

- Contribute to the creation of policies related to health care.

- While  providing education based on modern methods and techniques in different fields of Health Sciences, we are aimed to train health professionals and scientists who are competent in their professional practices, to comprehend the multidimensionality of the health issue, to  have ethical values, and  also to provide quality services and information to the use of society and its stakeholders .





- To be a Graduate School  whose activities are open to the access of stakeholders who give importance to merit, who adopt the principles of cooperation, solidarity and sharing, who are innovative, creative, believing in the future and who are caring for the benefit of society.


- Become a respected, monitored and resourced position in the international scientific platform; to produce education priority services and policies,  to make its field more effective in the development of community health.

- Become an effective Graduate School for increasing the professional knowledge and skills of students and lecturers with international exchange programs.

- Develop protective methods in areas which threaten community health,

- Contribute to the establishment of health-related legislation and to ensure that it reaches international contemporary level.

-Become a recognized and respected Graduate Shool in the field of health sciences, to have achieved quality in education, teaching and practice, to  perform original studies, and also to be a leader in its region and recognized by national and international circles.