What is the current situation of your university's international co-operation in the context of current National, International and European Development?

Dicle University, an institution dedicated to the concept of widening international co-operation as a fundamental basis for high quality teaching, research and learning. Our university recognises that educational establishments play a vital role in the process of international understanding and co-operation. Therefore, Dicle University with an international business is dedicated to providing varied and constantly striving to expand its influence with a student's education and improve its already prominent reputation for international involvement. Dicle University emphasises the importance of universities and students working together at local, regional, national and European areas. Dicle University believes that the future of Europe depends upon the ability to build together a learning society based upon the diversity of cultures and experience, and underpinned by shared values. Therefore, Dicle University always points at its willingness to work together and to make a significant contribution to the educational and cultural life. University business making use of observations, experiences and relations and its academic staff who studied abroad, who got doctorate degrees. Since its degree programme the university recognises the importance of languages, language learning, emphasis is placed on the front, and therefore, opens preparatory classes. Besides, foreign languages Teaching Application and Research Centre arranges English, German and French language courses every year regularly. In the following years, the university will endeavour to increase involvement in European curriculum development and thematic networks as well as their other LLP activities in order to strengthen further its co-operation with its partners. This will lead to a greater understanding of the curriculum and how to adapt to the greater demand of compatibility between institutions. The university has started to give labelling study showing that student's full transcript of the University at their study of their local grade ECTS grade ECTS credits and their.

Given their strengths and weaknesses of your university's present situation, a treasure your university's aims and priorities for 2004/2005-2006/2007 with a special focus on pre-promoting activities in the LLP programme. Describe briefly how the EPS has been developed and how it will be implemented at your institution.