Erasmus Internship

What is Erasmus + Internship Mobility Program?

Erasmus + Internship Mobility Program, in short definition, is to gain experience of working in a business abroad related to the vocational education field of the student. The internship activity is not expected to be compulsory for the student's diploma program. All full-time associate, undergraduate, graduate and PhD students who wish to improve their professional experience and enrolled in formal education at Dicle University are entitled to apply to the program. The duration of the activity can be between 2 and 12 months for each level of education.

Application Criteria

To be a full-time student enrolled at one of the schools, faculties or institutes of Dicle University providing formal education,

Having studied at least 1 semester at Dicle University before going abroad,

To have a GPA of 2.20 / 4.00 for associate and undergraduate students and 2.50 / 4.00 for master and doctorate students,

As a result of the applications received, at least B1 grade from the language exam of the School of Foreign Languages (the date of the exam will be announced on the website) or the equivalent score of the exams are accepted.

Suitable Institutions / Organizations for Internship

The institution where the internship activity will be carried out must be related to the field that the student receives in his/her own vocational training. Considering these criteria, internship activities can be realized in one of the following institutions / organizations:


Training Centers,

Research Centers

Other Organizations.

Selection Process


Depending on the budget allocated by the National Agency to our university, department quotas may change every year. Placement starts from the most successful student depending on the quota. The results of the selection are announced by Erasmus Office as a list of primary and substitute students. In the event that the students on the main list give up their rights or if an additional grant is allocated to our university by the National Agency and the agreement quota is appropriate, the substitute students are transferred to the main list starting from the most successful. After being selected as an Erasmus student, a student who waives his/her right for any reason must notify the Erasmus Coordinator with a petition.

You have been selected as an Erasmus student, what should you do?

Original wet ink signed Acceptance Letter from the university of visit. This is the document required to obtain a visa.

The institution should be contacted and the Letter of Acceptance shall be delivered until the date specified by Erasmus Office. (In the first stage, the acceptance document which is scanned or sent by fax is sufficient and the acceptance document must indicate that the student has been accepted within the Erasmus Placement Program and the dates of the internship at the institution must be included).

3 original copies of the Learning Agreement for Traineeships are prepared and delivered to the Erasmus Coordinator after getting is signed to the departmental coordinator. (The original document must be included in the student file, but at the first stage - if it is not required by the consulate for the visa - the certified version of the certificate can be submitted with the scanned version. In this case, the student must submit the original document to the Erasmus Office at the latest when returning abroad.

If there is no passport, it should be issued, and if there is, the duration is checked.

For the visa application, an appointment is made from the consulate and necessary documents are prepared. Health, liability and accident insurances are made and one copy of the policies is delivered to Erasmus Office. (The health insurance requirement may vary from country to country. It should be made in accordance with the rules of the country of residence and the university you are visiting).

A Euro account is opened from Vakıfbank in Dicle University. A copy of your account wallet is delivered to the Erasmus Coordinator. An account can be opened from abroad to open a joint account or internet banking can be used.

Application to the Erasmus Office for the preparation of the Grant Contract together with the account wallet In order to carry out banking and other transactions, a notarized power of attorney is left to a relative, a joint account can be opened or a transfer to an account to be opened by a relative.

Return documents such as Confirmation Letter, Outgoing Student Report and Passport are delivered to the Erasmus Office within 30 days after the return date.

 Documents to be prepared at the application stage


Application form

What should be in the student file

Letter of acceptance

Learning Agreement for Traineeships

Insurance Policy (Health - Accident - Liability Insurance must be made)

Vakıfbank Euro Account

Grant Contract

Documents to be Prepared at Return

Certificate of participation

Outgoing Student Report

Evaluation form

Photocopy of the passaport

Grant Amounts by Country

The amount of the grant will vary according to the cost of living of the countries. %80 of the Grant is paid before the mobility. 20% of the Grant is paid after complete submission of the documents and the course is evaluated according to success. The criterion for the student to get paid the 20% is that the student should pass 2/3 of the total number of credits received.




Student Mobility for Studies

Grants per month€

Erasmus+ for

Placement/ Traineeship

            Grants per month€                    

1. Group and 2. Group

  UK, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland , Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany,   Austria, Belgium, France, Republic of Cyprus, Holland, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece



3. Group

 Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey