Academic Calendar
Academic Calendar
dicle University academic calendar
Academic Calendar For 2017-2018 Academic Year
(Year 3-semester units that implement the system), Excluding
2017-2018 fall semester
11-16 August 2017 osys scholarship to the University of students who are placed first as a student and records (electronic records)
16-18 August 2017and osys scholarship as a student college students who are placed in the first records (electronic records records of students who have done or can do)
August 21, 2017 S. O. B. to be a semester course and last day to be entered to branches
August 30, 2017 Victory Day
31 August-4 September 2017 Arifa and the Feast of Sacrifice
September 6, 2017 the Weekly course schedule on the last day of the Declaration of the relevant unit of the network address of
September 12, 2017 10: 00 mandatory in undergraduate programs 1 will be exempt from English courses. students and grade exams (The preparatory classes with the students in prep students who are successful in the exemption exam may not participate)
September 6-7 2017 the first records of foreign students
September 11, 2017 identification form course.B.The last day of the installation ş
September 13, 2017 14.00 Turkish proficiency exam for foreign students
September 11, 2017 10: 00
September 13, 2017 10: 00
prep class exemption exam (English, German, French, Arabic proficiency) (Faculty of Medicine Department of English medicine, engineering and architecture of Gazi education, literature, and Faculty of Economics and administrative Sciences of the relevant parts of the vertical transfer units is related to students new to the Registrar studied in the preparatory program students who fail to)
14 - September 15, 2017 course records (records on the internet will be made through [, beyond the learning phase and secondary education internet contribution to students upon payment of tuition fees registration through will do.])
September 18, 2017 fall semester classes begin
October 18-22, 2017 the first years orientation week (will be issued by the relevant authorities.)
21 - September 22, 2017 the approval of the advisor, add-drop Registration if accepted by the respective executive committees and excuses
September 27, 2017 one summer class to graduate and the remaining students continue their education in one course exam
October 18, 2017 Dec exam date announcements from the last day of the relevant unit of the network page
October 29, 2017 Republic day (Sunday)
November 10, 2017 Ataturk's death anniversary (Friday)
November 23, 2017 date of withdrawal from a course with approval of your Advisor
December 4-8 2017 final exam schedule announcement of the relevant unit from the network
on December 6, 2017 spring semester courses by the relevant authorities.I.D.B.'to be forwarded to eat for the last day (central system the information will be entered over the Internet by the units included.)
December 2017 25-29 the students Mid-term and final evaluations of the state to be announced by the lecturer
December 29, 2017 last day of classes fall semester (thesis-related courses and specialization courses excluded)
1 January 2018 New Year's holiday (Monday)
2 - 12 January 2018 final examinations
January 19, 2018 midterm exam last day to submit grades electronically (23:59')
January 22, 2018 semester exam grade that belong to the note by the relevant authorities of the decision to change That.I.D.B.'the last day of submitting eat