our university to run public institutions subject to Law No. 4857 workers to work within the framework of the regulation on rules and procedures to be applied in taking on the staff which will be employed 38 (thirty eight) pieces of patient care for the element from among those given notice and sent by the Turkish employment agency No. 4 on the list of 10/07/2020 in history.After setup is performed by the notary public set the replacement candidates with the same number of principal and number of staff relation name lists found in the appendix.

    No. 4.After setup is performed by the notary public, principal candidates who are eligible to be assigned the following required documents on the day of Personnel Department 1700 hours until Friday 17/07/2020 13/07/2020 date (Continuous working of the personnel Bureau) are required to submit personally.


  candidates who have not submitted their application papers during the period of the assignment when it is done with people who start to work, instead of notary candidates and appointment the terms of which are understood according to the rules determined by starting from the person at the top of the backup list will be the assignment.


       notice and this notice are considered in the provision of the notification Law 7201. who delivered the oral exam candidates who have not submitted or incomplete Documentation will not be admitted.

advertise announced its judgment.

the uptake of the element from the set patient care as the main candidate to the requested documents


  a photocopy of their ID card

 criminal record certificate (on e-government must be received new dated.)

military status certificate (on e-government must be received new dated.)

an example identity register (E-dated must be received by the new government.)

residential location (Residence) address in the document (e-government must be received new dated.)

Diploma/graduation certificate, original or a certified copy (original to be presented shall be made by and approved by our agency.)

a medical report (the report on whether to keep him from doing his duty)

taken in the last six months 5 (Five) Two passport photos

Family Table (the E-state will be removed)

Sservice dump GK (E-state will be removed from)

of the network Form (to be filled in by hand and removed from the computer)