administrative personnel for distribution of LODGING

            Public housing law and published in the official gazette No. 2946 date and 84/8345 23.09.1984 18524) public housing regulations and the University Senate date 2016/10 20.10.2016-1 distribution and management enacted by the decision numbered Dicle University Housing owned by the university under the provisions of the directive that is specified in the attached list located on public housing , and administrative staff are allocated to queue a task will be distributed as. For the allocation of housing ranking list of lodgings included his name in the reference period in the reference system our reference system on the web site of university staff lodging ( http://services.dicle.edu.tr/lbs/ ) using 07.02.2020 on Friday at 11: 00 on Monday until 23.59 on the day of 17.02.2020 start and log into the system with the internet password that is specified in the attached list and need to be present in the choice of housing. 07.02.2020


Additional : distributed list of lodgings will be empty



considerations :

1-Lodging the reference system using the university web site, Monday to Friday and starts at 15.00 hrs on the day of 02.12.2019 31.01.2020 up to 23.59 hours on the day of lodging to be created with the password log into the system and internet on-demand allocation in order to enter the ranking list, the applicant to the administrative staff, as a result of the examination of the application form, application forms with missing information identified and applied to staff records is returned, and to make the choice of lodgings in the distribution of personnel as reported above for the application form through the system again by adding the necessary information and documents you must submit. Otherwise the application will not be considered.

2- 18.02.2020 until the date of the housing and in housing allocation has not been made as of the date of administrative staff who have attained 3 years of residence time 18.02.2020 the allocation of housing will be made.

3- still sit in the barracks and lodgings for the allocation of new staff must vacate the housing sits within 15 days at the latest. Otherwise, the new allocation of lodgings will be cancelled.

4- between the dates mentioned above Lodging reference system the choice of using staff that is not found in the , will lose the right to choose lodging.

5- housing staff who are eligible for settlement Friday 21.02.2020 lodging and lodging until the end of the day the certificate is required to receive the minutes of input allocation, otherwise the allocation of the lodging will be cancelled.

6- choice of lodgings and lodging in the reference system of housing, are eligible for settlement staff, who preferred not to sit in the housing if he chooses the allocation of lodging for a period of one year from the date of approval will be made.

7-Regulation 12 public housing public housing with his wife sitting in the staff. mentioned in the article ” itself for housing that is allocated in accordance with the provisions of this regulation as long as they sit in these houses, they're married to someone, they cannot benefit from public housing” the allocation of the provision according to lodging  will be made.

8- the before you make the choice of applicants, as specified in the appendix to see empty lodgings, will help you to make a choice. Who wants to see the sheriff as the lodgings of the personnel responsible for housing must contact akcakaya. (Tlf -Internal:2329 Gsm: 0535 390 93 07) application system for questions about lodging, you should contact with internal ozceylan free 5139. Without the password, or input in the making of our staff Internal 2018 who have trouble  with the Knight can speak of the Mahdi.