The System Management Unit


System Management Unit

The Systems Management Unit is responsible for the maintenance of the operation of servers serving the central and district campuses of the University as well as the elimination of failures and infrastructure planning and projects.

Areas of Duty and Responsibility;

• Server installation, testing and commissioning.

* Installation and update of required server software.

* When servers need to be monitored, the logs should be examined and the problems which may be solved with aproactive approach.

* Solution-Oriented Approach  solves the hardware and software problems which may occur on the server as soon as possible.

* Management of Active Directory, DNS, DHCP services.

* Management of backup system for server and user data.

* Log inspection in accordance with law 5651.

* Providing Proxy Account Service.

* Provision of educational navigation (Eduroam) account service.

• E-mail (Mail) making process.

* Performing user account operations.