Dicle University Computer Center is commissioned to:

• provide computer services for education and research services,

* create and operate communication infrastructure (electronic network structure) on our campus,

* provide computer software and usage support to the administrative/academic services of our university, and

* create computer-related opportunities for both students and lecturers,

Services provided by the Computer Center include:

* operating the campus computer network to which 1200 computers are connected,

* performing various internet services to more than 1500 personnel (e.g. e-mail, web, DNS, DHCP)

* managing and controlling the Student Automation System covering 27,000 students enrolled in the University,

* printing student and personnel ID cards,

* managing internet connections for the personnel dwelling in University Houses,

* preparing annual and briefing reports, and

* collecting statistical information about our university as requested by YÖK (Higher Education Council) and various units.