Electronic signature (e-Signature) Management and support unit

Electronic signature (E-Signature) Management and Support Unit:


According to the Electronic Signature Law No. 5070 dated January 15, 2004, Dicle University gives a legal basis to the approval process on the computer or the electronic environment with authorized electronic certificate service  providers which  will provide a secure electronic signature service and eliminates the paper. The person wishing to make a declaration of the will for the purpose of approval can use electronic signature in the electronic document flow system of his / her institution, in the services offered over the web or in e-government services.


Areas of Duty and Responsibility ;

* Qualified Electronic Certificate (e-signature) first purchase, renewal, loss of stolen and product failure related to the receipt of applications

Making necessary correspondance between TUBITAK and Dicle University about Qulified Electronic Certificate (e-signature)

* Qualified Electronic Certificate (e-signature) password renewal, blocking, certificate cancellation procedures

Commissioned Personnel;

1.           Fırat Yanık (Rectorate paperwork Registration Unit) – Extension No: 2223 

2.         M. Emin ÇALI (Rectorate Information Processing Department )- Extension No: 2022