Dicle University Career Center career planning as a support to students and graduates, successful in business life is a unit of an established way to prepare them.

the most basic vision of the career center of our university graduates is highest in the career ladder they desire to see in business.

the basic mission of our country and our university is to contribute to the development of human resources potential and performance.  In this direction the demands of work life and increase the reputation of our university and preference is to increase the employment opportunities of our students and graduates.

our core values in the profession as competent, who knows what he wants, aware of the limitations and the possibilities, to better identify the conditions, and change and looking to improve, an awareness of universal standards, ethical and moral conscious individuals to grow to support that respects cultural differences. 

who are we?

Since 2010, who used to work in Dicle University Career planning, application and Research Center for our students starting from the first year of university life, career awareness building and aims to prepare candidates to the world of work.

what do we do?

• create career awareness for our students,

• contribute to the career development of all our students.

• Graduate of candidates in the decision making process to help make healthier choices

• companies, sectors and give you the ability to more effectively promote themselves with the events that we organise throughout the year we serve.

Career center services


• The days of the promotion business area

• Career Forum

• Personal development Days

• Career fair

• Corporate Promotional Days

• Company presentation meetings

• Company Interviews

Resume database project

Interview Rehearsals

Background check

Job and internship postings announcement of

Provide company contact information

Educational organizations