which is one of the most important elements of economic and social development of Science and Technology, Community Welfare, Science and technology, and new technologies that can use informed technology is capable of producing, community members gained the ability to transform into social and economic benefits of technological developments or scientists to provide you with the most effective tool.

in our region, the most established university research and application center of the University of Science and technology with researchers from regional universities, scientific studies (experimental studies, tests, measurements and analyses to assist in performing at international level and is targeted at increasing scientific activity.

science and technology research and Application Center (DUBBING), with a focus on science and technology in the information age in which we live, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral thesis work by supporting development of new products and production methods ensuring more effective and widespread use of advanced technologies for increasing yield and quality, ensuring compliance with quality standards in the matter of qualified activities engages in scientific studies to be done.

DUBBING culture and technology, especially the technology of our industry contribute to the production of products that require in order to gain the private sector, industry, public institutions and organizations in cooperation with scientific and technological projects and problems using the knowledge produced by the University, our academics also work in collaboration with the University acquiring the habit of solving for the value added of their activities also transform science and the public by supporting its services to the offer.