Dicle University basic, applied, and interdisciplinary areas of research and development activities, within the framework of the Central Organization for science and technology application and Research Center perform within. Universities, research centres, industry, public institutions and third parties, the needs of the tests, measurements, and analysis to the extent that the facilities of the Center meet. the development of generation technologies "research" and "experimental development" work to do. Turkish industry'to inform the ni for this, first perform promotional and educational programs, including cooperation with the industrialist organizations, industrial organizations, if necessary, these organizations increasingly determine their problems. science and technology research and application center side in the light of universal values, science and technology by taking advantage of the accumulation of the country for the continuity of the mission and vision for the future of humanity and the realization of the fundamental values of law-abiding, in the field of competent, reliable, responsible, searching, questioning, and self-confident to contribute to the training of individuals; other on the other hand, by coordinating our university's relations with industry, University-Industry Co-operation and strengthening of the region to conduct joint studies in an effort to assist in the scientific work of researchers from the universities aims.