science and technology application and Research Center Dicle University (DUBBING), dated 29.03.2011 higher education law No. 2547 of 2880 examined at the executive committee meeting 7/D-2 established in accordance with the regulation and the Central with the publication in the Official Gazette and the date of 10.05.2012 28288 started. State Planning Organization (DPT) supported by ‘University of the establishment of Central Research Laboratory’ project made within the scope of the earthquake, which today houses 12 Laboratory of scientific studies will be directed, and is responsible for the support of scientific projects in this context.

the first floor of the main building of the log space input and 2,300 m2, the closed area 4600 m2is. 12 Research Lab, a laboratory study of 5 units, 9 offices, 1 Conference Room, 1 study room and 2 Lounge features. Within the building, internet connection, central heating/cooling system, power supply and generator are.