Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy

Transparent management,

Equal opportunity,

Rule of law,

Human rights,

Social values,

Scientific ethical rules,

Creative thinking,

Continuous Improvement,

Lifelong Learning,

Quality in information and service,

Quality working life,

Participatory management approach,

Satisfaction of employees, students and other stakeholders,

Performance based human resources evaluation,

Academic freedom,

Social responsibility,

Environmental awareness,


Comprehend themselves and their professions with a realistic understanding and ensure that they are individuals who perform activities that contribute to the development of both themselves and their professions.

To ensure that the teaching staff are qualified in terms of number and quality in order to carry out the training effectively.

In order to increase the participation of students in educational activities, by developing interactive teaching methods, abandoning the “teacher-centered” classical methods, developing interactive teaching methods, developing “learner-centered” effective methods and putting them into practice and providing continuity.

To continue our cooperation with our students after graduation, we make our corporate belonging and social utility.

To support faculty members to develop research activities.

To support faculty members and students to participate in scientific activities.

Performing activities that will provide service to the community

To maintain cooperation with other units of our university.

To provide the understanding of strategic management and performance management.

Effective and efficient use of personnel.

Utilization of information technology at the highest level.