Our mission


To understand the conditions of success, to find the appropriate methods to ensure that they grow as professionals, apply and develop. To train individuals who have healthy thinking power, full of love and tolerance, have received modern education in parallel with the developing science, aiming to raise the quality of life of the individual and the society with the models created in the fields of research, education and service, and serve individuals who serve the country sports, world sports and free time efficiently. Also;

. To develop national and universal sports awareness;

· To comprehend the importance of sport for society and individual

· To gain the knowledge and perspective required by the field, to teach how to access, use and develop information,

· Assimilating the sportive and human values ​​and contributing to the society on the spread of these values,

· To train individuals who are able to monitor change and develop themselves according to the conditions of the age,

· To educate individuals who realize the needs of the environment and society in their field and produce effective solutions for them.