Dicle University Ziya Gökalp Faculty of Educationdelete who have education and training as part of our school, Ministry of National Education’s 1996, dated 022315 on the post numbered 28.03.1983, dated 2809 additional provisions of the law 30.articleby side by the Council of ministers 14.10.1996 was converted to the College on the date. Our school, physical education and sports, coaching education and Sport Management Sectionsare composed.

education 7 classrooms Sports located on the island of Soccer field 1, Tartan athletics track, indoor tennis court, 2 outdoor basketball court with Olympic outdoor and swimming poolcontinues. All sections of our school, the duration of education is 8 semesters language of instruction is Turkish. Our school, our country and our region to meet the needs of sports physical education teacher, Coach and sport managementsports training aims to educate the expert individuals who will be graduate.

the enterprise-from the date of service managers;

  • Prof. Dr. M. Salih Çelik (1998-2000)
  • Genghis Khan Prof. Dr. ÖZBAY (2000-2008)
  • Prof. Dr. Huseyin BUYUKBAYRAM (2008-2015)
  • Dr. Assoc.Member AKTURK Victory(2015-....)

University of Dicle, School of physical education and sports Dr. lecturer 5.Member, 13 lecturer, 1 research assistant and 19 administrative staffle activity continues. Since its inception thousands of students who have graduated from our school, 2019-2020, available in the academic year 908 continues to work with the student.