General Information

Department of physical education and sports

the purpose of the program

The aim of physical education and sports programme of the capacity of man to achieve the highest yield can direct your physiological and psychological capacity in the sport and the developer who can apply the techniques of athletes and sports trainers to train them.


The major courses taught in the program


Physical education and sports programs in the duration of training is 4 years. Biology and the program in Applied Sport physiology, functional anatomy and kinesiology, principles of first aid, sport psychology, exercise physiology, sports courses are taught from a psychosocial perspective.




to enter the program physical education and sports, firstly, it is necessary to be skilled in a certain sport branch. The people who work in this area to work as trainers for what he did in a sense, to be able to communicate well with other people, enhancing success in this area in order to be tolerant and patient factors.


Title: graduates and their jobs they earn


Physical education and sports program finishers, "Coach" as they are known. What degree is prone to the type of sport and individual coaches, which recognizes that people are trained according to their abilities.




Coaches sports trainers that are affiliated to the General Directorate of youth and sports companies, schools, universities and sports clubs can take part in.