Department Of Sport Management

Department of Sports Management

The aim of the Sport Management Undergraduate Program is to educate individuals who are needed in private and public organizations and in the organization and applications of sport activities of any unit with a scientific understanding in a qualified manner.

Proof of the success of the program is determined by the tasks that the graduates of the program will take in private and public enterprises and institutions.

Graduates of the program will be given “Sports Management Specialist” title in line with their specialty.

Graduates of the program; take part in the organization of the activities in the social life in the name of healthy living in touristic hotels, motels and facilities, sports clubs, private sports halls and enterprises of our country, as well as in the private and public institutions employing more than five hundred workers and civil servants within the scope of the relevant law and in the application of the sports activities of any unit.

Students will have to do internships and similar studies in order to graduate from the program. This issue will be collaborating with sporting serving private and state-owned enterprises and institutions.


Physical education and sport in schools and departments of various universities in Turkey and abroad applied Sports Management Undergraduate programs were examined.


After the examination and detailed study, the undergraduate program prepared in parallel with these programs has been prepared in accordance with the characteristics of our country and region. In addition, considering the needs of the region in the field of physical education and sports, the program has been finalized.