Tracks From Anatolia
Tracks From Anatolia

Dicle University, Ziya Gökalp education faculty fine arts education department faculty members Prof. Dr. Ali Osman ALAKUS, curated by “organized Tracks from Anatolia” - themed art exhibition opened at the art gallery.  

the inauguration of the exhibition Prof. Dr. Mehmet GUL, Ziya Gökalp education Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Giray TOPAL, art and Design Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Ali Osman ALAKUS, took place with the participation of faculty members and students.

the artifacts of student's work in the exhibit 34 digital print, acrylic and oil paint techniques have been made. The theme of the exhibition “Anatolia tracks from” Castle although designed Zerzevan density studies.

art and Design Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Ali Osman ALAKUS, he held his first exhibition of the school year 2019-2020, and by specifying that they are planning to open an exhibition on the moon, they took inspiration from the cultural richness Zerzevan Diyarbakir with the castle theme, works with students to historical artistic look they said.

the world is moving towards digitization and artificial intelligence Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gul, but some artifacts can be produced with human labor by specifying that the students have made scientific, social, and cultural activities said they attached great importance to. 

after opening the exhibition, who visited the rector ROSE, and received information about the work of the students. The exhibition can accommodate enthusiasts for a week.