ZF's history


The Faculty was founded in 1992 considering the agricultural potential of the GAP Region and in 1993 the Department of Field Crops accepted students. In 1995, Horticulture, Plant Protection and Zootechnics Departments and in 2004, Agrology and Plant Nutrition, Agricultural Machinery and Agricultural Structures and Irrigation Departments were founded. The academic staff consists of 43 academic members including 13 professors, 11 associate professors, 15 assistant professors, 1 research assistant (Dr.), 2 research assistants, and 1 lecturer. There are 400 bachelor’s students in Horticulture, Plant Protection, Field Crops and Zootechnics departments. Horticulture, Plant Protection, and Field Crops departments have master’s degree programs and Zootechnics and Field Crops have PhD programs.


Future Projection of the Faculty

The future projection of our institution is to contribute to the agriculture of the region and the agriculture of the country in general applying the following principles:

  • to encourage our students about research,
  • to provide training on research understanding and methods,
  • to help students in implementing research projects and provide opportunities,
  • to show practical plant and animal production techniques,
  • to follow and apply technology in agricultural research and production,
  • to find solutions for regional problems,
  • to develop strategies in agricultural production,
  • to set up the infrastructure for quality and standardization controls of materials used in agricultural production,
  • to meet the corporate and individual demands,
  • to conduct surveying, planning and consultancy services from farm scale to regional scale,
  • to organize educational programs, conferences, courses, seminars, national and international congresses for the development of researchers at all levels, to issue certificates and publish related activities when necessary,
  • to found a training-application centre that can give theoretical and practical training to farmers in the region in the field of agriculture,
  • to do researches aiming to increase the production and to solve the agricultural problems in the region,