Quality Management System

- quality policy

University of Dicle;

-within the framework of the legislation;

-accepted at the international level training and research activities in to

-based on collaboration with institutional stakeholders social projects that create value development

-coordinated and the participating units of management, and that allows you to work with high performance the understanding of the organization place

self-renewing, investigating, questioning, individuals who have effective communication skills and social awareness, educate instructor cadre to

of the profession knowledge, skills, behavior, and general culture, environmental awareness, giving importance to occupational health and safety individuals breeder,

-meets the expectations and needs of the service area, continuous improvement and on customer satisfactionto be a university that focuses on the

-institutional quality consciousness and culture, promoting the vision and mission of the University in accordance with quality management system the application and continuous improvement

quality” as has been adopted.

with Quality faculty members of the committee

a name

- commission

- internal phone

Dr. Ahmet BAYRAM



Doc.Dr. UPSET joy

a member



a member


all forms related to the process of quality enhancement University of Dicle,process,procedure, information, etc

quality improvement Coordinator, University of Dicle, http://services.dicle.edu.tr/dss/qadocnew.aspx you can get it from